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Business You Can Start With less than $100 and Make Over 100% Profit

November 4, 2019 | by Admin


Information is key. If you are not well informed, then you are handicapped. Most young entrepreneurs think that every business must start with huge capital. The fact is there are still less than $100 businesses out there especially in this era of technology and social media that you can start.

 So what is this business?

Well I will be straight to the point as usual but before then let me make you understand why I chose this business. We are in, the era of “Digital Storage” a century of data storage. The time when people used to store info in form of notes, mails (letters) is winding up.

This means that we need more “memory space” than ever. Yes we need more solid state drives. Solid State Drive, SDD Stands for “Solid State Drive.” this is a type of mass storage device similar to a hard disk drive (HDD), but unlike hard drives, SSDs do not have any moving parts (which is why they are called solid state drives and more durable). Instead of storing data on magnetic platters, like the HDD, SSDs store data using flash memory.
SDD are more durable, easy to carry about and not noisy since they do not have any moving part.

 Ok enough of the tech part of this post, let’s talk about the business:

Like I said earlier almost every phone or digital gadget presently need that extra storage, which makes the market so large that you can even make over 100% in profits.

The business I’m talking about here is Micro SD  Card business.

This business is very lucrative and need just small capital to start.

Yes you can start this business with less than $100 and still make huge returns. A 64 gb Micro SD card is sold in China from $1.5-$5 depending on the quantity you are ready to start with. Usually, this is sold in the retail market for over $12. Even if you spread the cost of shipping this items down from china, that’s still over 100% profit.

Mind you China has free delivery too, through their free post though this takes 21-60 days.

 This 64 gb Samsung micro sd card is sold on Amazon from $11-$21, whereas you can get it in china for $3 or even less.

 Don’t worry about the quality even the one you are getting from Amazon was bought from same china. When I say don’t worry about the quality here, I don’t mean quality don’t matter I’m only saying don’t think less of the cheaper one you will get from China. The quality is same. The thing is China is not just a country but a trade zone thus, labor is extremely cheap over there which is the reason most multinational take their factory there to produce their products. Even apple!

So the question is where and who can you buy from? 

Buy from The reason is not far fetched. Alibaba is one of the largest trade zones in the world and in Asia, simply the largest. Before you buy look out for the seller’s reviews, how many years on alibaba, the status; Gold, Silver, etc. Plus importantly his or her reply time.

These are the pros I always look out for before I buy. And just so that you know, has MOQ; Minimum Order

Quantity. Please don’t let that scare you. Chat with the seller and ask for “sample buy” and I tell you even if the minimum buy is 100 for that seller he or she will give you at same price for just 10 pieces. Plus I always tell them I want U.S standard. If you don’t want to buy from directly you can reach out to me, and I will assign a partner of mine right in China to help you buy, package and ship to you.

If you follow this business through you can be making good money weekly.

In the next article, will be teaching us how and where to sell. Stay glued!

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