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The Place of Sacrifice

November 8, 2019 | by Admin


We live in a world where people just want to see the finished products and pay no attention to the processes involved.

It’s like when you put some papers in your printer and hit the print button without knowing that there are many processes involved in giving you that beautiful finished product called print. Immediately you hit that button to print, the following took place within some few seconds:

1: Sending
Step 2: Cleaning
Step 3: Conditioning
Step 4: Exposing
Step 5: Developing
Step 6: Transferring
Step 7: Fusing.

This is how it is with life. there are processes that must be followed in other to be successful. If you wish to shed some few pounds of weight, you have to watch your calorie intake and must be calorie deficit. Then you exercise and keep a disciplined routine.

You can’t live with same old habits and expect to see new better results.

There’s a saying that you can’t plant cassava and harvest yam. This is applicable to you as an entrepreneur.

 Let me quickly share a story here with us. When I was starting my first ever business in Nigeria about 17 years ago while still in college. I needed to raise some part of my startup and since I didn’t have the money I resorted to selling my only generator. A generator I bought for N33,000 (about $80 then), sold it for only N16,000 (about $35 then). My roommate wasn’t happy about it and asked me what we were going to be using to power our room and the appliances that we have?

Without thinking I replied him and said “I rather live in the dark for the next three months than to live in darkness all my life…” He looked at me and didn’t say anything further.
 You see sacrifice is not a tasty experience, it’s meant to be painful. This is the moment in your business when you deny yourself of so many “enjoyments and luxuries” just for your business to grow.

You need to understand that not until that seed dies, the tree will not grow and bear fruits. This is how nature wanted it.

Can you ever imagine the pains a mother go through for 9 whole months carrying that “load”? I bet you can’t imagine it. Studied shows that during child birth that the pains mothers bear is far above the normal pain threshold that men can take. They don’t quit, they don’t throw-in the towel.

 Thus, as you are planning on starting that new business, also plan to give up some pleasures and get ready to sacrifice. I can not over emphasize this enough. Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad said he was sleeping in his car for long months when he started his business. Look at where he is today.

The stories of great people like this are just too numerous to mention.

When I was starting “The Youth Project Nigeria” (a capacity building organization for the youths ) some years back, I sold my only car. I sold my SUV and we started. I had so many criticism from close friends and family, but look where it all lead me today. A better me. A vibrant, disciplined, outstanding leader and business man.

 If you really want to see that dream become a reality, then get ready to sacrifice something. Funny enough no matter your level there’s always something you can let go for your dream to live. This is the place of sacrifice. You are not too poor to start that business. Have also written an article here how you can raise your startup and I believe it will be very helpful to you in this your journey.

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