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How safe are You on Social Media?

January 16, 2020 | by Admin

How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts?

How secured is your social media account?

Everybody is on social media this days but the question is how secured is your social media accounts?

Like it or not we put out so many sensitive information on social media that we need to make sure we have a good level of security. 

Any good black hat hacker can use your PII (Personal Identifiable Information) to attack you. This include your birth date, your full name, your age and card details.

 in security we refer to this as using a social engineering against you.

Thus, the hackers have overtime through this social engineering tools study your social behavior. Again the easiest way to track us this days base on this social engineering factor is through social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Have you ever Google yourself and see Google pulled information about you that you are really not happy about? 

A friend of mine once Googled himself and saw Google pulled up information about him from a dating site he was a member of. He was not happy about it.

He was was like “Bruh look at this, how can I hide this from search engine?”. So what I’m saying is that your information are floating out there that you really are not safe.

So how do I secure my Social Media Accounts?Securing your social media account isn’t a rocket science. There a few measures to take and this bring us to Multi-Factor Security. 

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method in which a computing device user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more (Multi) pieces of evidence to an authentication system: Which are what you know like your username and password, What you have like a token, and who you are, that’s your biological features. E.g finger print, retinal scan, etc. This is what bio-metrics is about.

Two-factor authentication is a subset, of multi-factor authentication. This is usually two out of the three factors.
So to secure your social media account, make sure to use at least Two-Factor Authentication. Facebook offers this kind of security right now. My Facebook account is so secured that even if I were to give you my username and password you still won’t be able to login to my account because of the multi-level or multi-factors security on my account.

Presently bank apps implement even bio-metric system of security with Apple Phones and Samsung asking for your thumbprint, facial and even retinal scan.

How to Implement a Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook?

First login to Facebook and then click on “settings” > “Security and Login”. Look at my screenshot below:

How to secure your Facebook Account?

Did you see that in the screenshot above that Facebook even knows how many devices are logged into my account and their locations. Here my phone and my computer. This is what I said earlier that social media security has gone more in dept that you can even imagine.

 How did Facebook know this? Well when a device access a network, the server checks the device’s IP (Internet Protocol) for Location and also track the MAC Address. MAC is Media Access Control and every manufacturer must add this to a device. You can likened this to the VIN: Vehicle Identification Number. This numbers are unique. 

Second step is to click on security and login in the screenshot above. And a dialog box pops open. See screenshot below:

How safe is your Facebook Account?

You can see Facebook gives you so many options on how to secure your account. Going forward, choose “Use two-factor authentication”. Once you do, Facebook will ask you to re-login and into your own account to be sure you are the one making this serious changes. 

Before now you should have added your phone number to your Facebook account but if you didn’t, not to worry as Facebook will give you the opportunity again to add it during this process. 

Look at my screenshot below, because I have already turned mine on, it’s showing “Turn off” of course I don’t want to turn it off. If you have not setup yours you will see “Turn on”. So kindly turn it on.

You can also see in the screenshot below that Facebook is showing that I routed this to my phone number:

How secure is your Facebook Account?

This Two-factor authentication that I chose means that even if I were to give you my username and password and you try to access my account, you will still need a logical code sent to my device as a text to complete the login. You see that’s Two-Factor Authentication.

You can also use this to secure your twitter, Instagram, etc. I choose to use Facebook as an example because it’s the largest social network. Have also made an extensive article about how to protect yourself against online scammers Here. Now that you know how to secure your Facebook account, I want you to go implement it.

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