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How to Add Custom Logo And Favicon to Blogger Blog (Step by Step)

January 11, 2020 | by Admin

How to Add Custom Logo And Favicon to Blogger Blog.

When you are building and launching your own blog, one of the very important things to do is your brand identity. Your brand Identity helps you to stand out among the crowd. Yes your brand ID introduces you and says a lot about your business.

Thus, in blogging you also need your brand ID and that’s what a cool, simple logo will do for you.

A favicon Is an image file containing one or more small icons, associated with a particular website or web page. You see the underlined word here is Particular. The Word Particular here means unique. It means that your favicon or logo should only be used by you and you alone. 

Let me show you some examples and you tell me what comes to your mind when you see this images?: 

Of course without writing the names of this social media platforms here, immediately you see those images you knew each of their names at least 80%. Now this images serve as brand IDs to this social media platforms. Now you understand the importance of logos and favicons.

In this post I will show you 1. The importance of a logo or favicon 2. How to create a favicon or a logo and 3. How to add it to your blog

How do I locate My Website Favicon?

Most people don’t know how to locate website favicon, I understand that and that’s why I’m here to show you everything. Now whenever you visit a site on the top left of your browser address bar, check and see if you can see a small image about 16 by 16. That’s your favicon which in actual sense is just the smaller size of your logo. Lol. Yes, it’s just the smaller version of your logo OK.

See the screenshot below to make it clearer:

I can bet that you now perfectly understand what is a Favicon or a logo, so let me help you create one and use it on your blog:

How to Create a Logo and Favicon?

I use Canva to make my designs and it’s cool, now you know my secret. It has free version and Premium so I will recommend you use Canva too to design your logo. 

Ok first visit Canva and create an account there quickly and use their free or premium version to create your logo with screen shot below showing the few steps to follow:

Once you have downloaded your logo either in PNG or JPG it’s time to create your own favicon from your logo by just resizing the image to 16 by 16. To do that go to free Favicon Generator
and you will see something like this below as shown in my screenshot:

Now you see where I circled, click there and add the logo that you earlier designed and downloaded from Canva or whatever logo maker you used. Then click on “Create Favicon” and your Favicon should be available for download immediately. Wow you did it just easily!

How to Add a Favicon to Blogger?

this is the final step. First login to Blogger and click on layout and when the items on the layout opens, find Favicon and edit it. See my screenshot below:

Click edit and upload your logo and then click save. Make sure your image is less 100kb that’s kilobytes or less so that Blogger will accept it. Anyway it should go because you already resized the image. See my screenshot below:

You are all done after clicking save, you can visit your blog and check again. That blogger favicon should have been replaced now by your own Favicon. And that reminds me you can add the logo too through your blogger layout you will see add logo, just same page as edit Favicon. 

You are all set to making your blog look professional. Congratulations!!!

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