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How To Write Useful And Readers’ Friendly Blog Articles?

February 22, 2020 | by Admin

How To Write Reader Friendly Blog Article

An article is a piece of useful information written either as hard or soft copy.
Yes an article must be informative and useful. Underline the word Useful. If the piece of information you are passing don’t solve any problem, then it’s all garbage and readers’ waste of time.
Infact statistics says that an uninteresting article is usually abandoned by the reader within the first 5 seconds of glancing through it. Same way an interesting article will catch the readers attention even within 3 seconds.
In this article I will take you through what you need to do to make your article simple, yet very useful and readers friendly.

How To Write Reader Friendly Blog Article?

1. Choose the right title or topic for your article. 
2. Remember that the readers are looking for information to solve their problems: Have already told you in the intro of this article that your article should be Useful
3. Your article should be concise, (correct spellings and sentences) straight to the point, don’t beat around the bush.
4. Have a good knowledge about the topic before writing an article on it: No reader will love to finish reading a post and get more confused than before.
5. Descriptive articles are the best: Articles that show the readers how it’s done and with images or screenshots of the steps to take. They say images speak volumes.
Let me emphasize on this, have seen a lot of young and even supposed professional bloggers write descriptive articles without adding images.
 How can you be teaching the readers how it’s done and no screenshots of how or steps? Unless it’s not a descriptive article. Even if, cool images have been found to make the readers stay longer on your blog than usual.
I was going through an article, and it was about a soccer player and the blogger didn’t even thought of adding the player’s photo. So imagine I was reading a post and Googling to see the exact player he was referring to.
Immediately a reader leaves your blog to Google for that key information that you missed in your article, he or she will not come back to your blog. They always remain where the information is; there’s a saying that ants only gather around where there’s sweets.
So please if what you are writing about is descriptive or not, add some attractive image or images.
6. Avoid the use of jargons unless you are writing about a field that uses those jargons and the readers too may well understand them, but do not assume and if you must use abbreviations do well to also put the meaning in parenthesis, that’s in ‘bracket’ ( ). Remember again the readers came to learn more not to come and see how good you are in article writing. Lolz
7. Very importantly learn to use headers or headings in your articles. Headings allow the readers understand easily the next step or phase of the discussion. It makes the discussion flow easily. 
Let’s say you wrote an article about “How to Cure Coronavirus” because you have no headings and have a lot of information all stuffed together, for a quick reader who needed just that How? information will be frustrated trying to go through all the article line after line, but if you have a heading within the article that says “Steps to Cure Coronavirus” you see the reader knows that he or she is likely to get this particular key information under this heading.
For bloggers using, using heading from the post editor is very easy as you can see in my screenshot below: 
Once you click on “New Post” and make sure post is on “Compose” mode, take your cursor to where I circled red and choose to write Heading or Subheading
8. Finally always have a good conclusion or satisfactory summary.
I believe this article will be helpful to those trying to post on forum like and get their posts approved and paid for. Implement this few, but useful tips to make your blogging journey very fruitful.
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