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How to Remove Powered by Blogger (Complete Guide)

March 20, 2020 | by Admin

How to Remove Powered by Blogger.

I know you want your new blog to look neat and professional and I understand that feeling. 

First I want you to know that “Powered by Blogger” is an attribution from Google saying “Hey we own this thing” LOL. 
Well yes they do no argument but we still want it off our blog so let me guide you through the few steps.

Step 1:

How to Remove Blogger footer?

Login to your Blogger and click on your theme or template and then click on edit HTML. As shown in the screenshot below:

When you click on edit Html, the codes of the template or theme pops open.
 Now look for the closing head tag. 

And please take note a closing head tag   is different from an opening head tag  you can see the first one has a forward slash  after the less than sign. So here we are talking about the one with a forward slash. That’s the one you are looking for. So if you are using mobile phone to do this, after seeing the one without forward slash, scroll down until you see the closing head tag 

For those using a computer, simply press the Ctrl and F button in your computer to open a search and type in the search box and type this exactly within the Html.
 Look at the screenshot below:

Then hit enter so it highlights where the closing head tag is.

Now just below that closing head tag 

Click Here to copy and paste the code as shown in the screenshot below:

Look at my the screenshot below:

After you have done that, simply click on save. Yes! You have done it. Go back and view your blog; Powered by Blogger should be gone.

Another way to remove this attribution is this:

How to Remove Powered by Blogger footer?

Step 2:

Again login to your Blogger click on edit HTML as I showed you earlier, but this time click on “Jump to widget” and select “Attribution1” from the list as shown in my screenshot below:

Once you select the Attribution1, the codes opens, look for this line: 

title=” type=’Attribution’ visible=’true’. Now change the “true” to “false” in that ‘locked=’true’. Thus, it becomes locked=’false’. Just as have shown you below:

When you have done that, click save and then finally go to layout from your Blogger template or theme and remove the Attribution widget. Wow! You did it yet again. See screenshot below:

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