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How to Make Millions Using The Split Rule

April 16, 2020 | by Admin

How to Make Millions Using the Split Rule

How To Make A Million Easily?

The easiest way to make or raise a million is to use the Japanese split rule… In this rule the Japanese traders believe that it’s easier to be pursuing the amount you want to make in fractions… Thus, it means that if you were determine to make say a million then divide that Million by a value of ten or hundred. This means that if you use say ten, you will need to make the first one tenth of a million and then repeat the process again nine more times.

What this does is that it helps you to reduce unnecessary pressure. You become more careful and consistent… Take for example you want to make a million Naira, divide it by ten means that you should aim at making N100k first and when you have made the N100k, repeat the same or exact process you used to make that first portion 9 more times…

I use this method everyday of my life… I wake up and say to my staff let’s drive traffic and leads to our sites today, say let’s make a minimum of 500-1000 USD today in sales… Seriously they do it and always beat that figure.. Then the next day I say to them let’s repeat whatever we did yesterday today.

Now let me tell you the truth… The fact is for that week I wanted us to generate say 5000 USD but telling them to generate 5000 USD could be such a huge task for them and that could be discouraging too.

So I apply the split rule.
Now again what this does is that it helps you to breakdown your vision into mission and agenda… 1+1 is two and it’s easier trying to grab two at once than trying to grab one twice… Make sense? Therefore whenever you try raising your business capital, use this split rule. This is also the principle of the rich… Yes this is the principle of crowd funding; What can you do for hundred people to give you N10k each? You know it’s far easier to ask hundred people to give you N10k each than to walk up to one person and demand for N1M…

It’s like writing proposals trying to get a contract of millions and then you realize the energy you have put into it alone if put into the ”smaller easily reachable goals” that you should have made some cool thousands here and there that will finally sum up into the million. Think about this, use crowd funding and the split rule to fund that business today…

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