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September 20, 2020 | by Admin

Information Marketing as a term has been one of the most
frequent questions asked of us by our dear readers. This episode looks to
answer this question by defining what exactly an online information an entrepreneur is, how to generate information, and ways to make money from
selling information using the web as a medium.

We all know that the world runs on information, and, with
the advent of more media outlets daily, information marketing is easily one of
the guaranteed ways to not only build but also extend your business online.
Having both unique information about a topic, as well as a passion for a topic
can see information marketing serves as one of the perfect avenues for you to
make money online, as, more and more people turn to digital outlets such as the
web first for information consumption.

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Anybody who basically makes living selling information online can be regarded as an online infopreneur. It has been regarded as a profitable business model, as many people have recorded success stories from
the sale and documentation of information. One example would be an expert when
it comes to health and fitness. They have a passion for or a strong interest in
health and fitness. They might create training manuals videos and courses on
how to get fit and healthy. The information in this context could range from
beginner to advanced tricks that could focus on smarter ways to reduce belly
fat in a short space of time. Sounds extreme, right? Believe it or not, there
is a market for people who are looking for smarter ways to reduce belly fat.

An online infopreneur’s execution plan needs to include
what their passions are and if there is an audience for it. You can have a list
of topics you are knowledgeable about or interested in. Research then follows,
the trend of what people are searching for should act as guidelines to see if
people are really interested in knowing more about your topic of choice.

While still discussing the health and fitness topic, it
could be that infopreneur began with a passion for health and fitness. He/She
later discovered that many people were struggling with their health and
fitness. There were search entries created and recorded around the topic. This
infopreneur did notice that there were not a lot of other businesses providing
information on the topic. In summary, there was a sizable demand for information about proper health and fitness schemes but not much supply. This
is the perfect opportunity to create an information marketing business for the



The first step to you focusing on your niche is to first
identify your interests and passions. Next, are you researching these interests
for profitable niches? Niches are known as a specialty topic. For example, it
can be targeted to a demographic like women-only health and fitness scheme or
health and fitness scheme for people in South-Africa. Or it can be a skill
level – beginner guide to getting into shape in 10 days. The summary here is to
identify not only an interest but a targeted audience who would readily consume
this information.



Once you are done with step one where you identify and have
chosen a niche. It is time to create a central point for the proper dissemination
of your information products/services. In most cases, people go with a website.
Your website will be dedicated to helping your audience learn what they need to
know about you and your topic. Information products are not limited to free
articles, video contents, paid articles, reports, and digital downloads.



After getting people interested in your information
contents, mostly your free articles, you can take them to the next phase where
they are offered a product to buy. Often this is in the form of an eBook, a
video series, or an online course. The information products that focus on
successfully solving a problem for your audience. For example, “How to start
eating healthy.” You may unravel common problems during your research or you
may need to do additional research to find the answers.

It is necessary to create an information marketing business
around an interest or specialty knowledge about a topic. It is a great way to
make an income. Some information marketers have gone on to make millions from
their books, courses, and videos.


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