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Great Business Opportunities in America that Americans Don’t See

October 30, 2019 | by Admin

Being an American on it’s own is a huge blessing. This is the reason most people will do anything just to have that passport that opens the door to explore the world…

In this article I’m very much interested in the business opportunities that most Americans still don’t see or maybe ignore… My first few months in America just on referral commission for helping people get American used items down to Africa was more than enough paying my bills. I mean over $1,500 weekly even while putting in less than 7 hours a week. And if you work in a warehouse here in America, you will agree that $1,500 weekly is a lot of money. Will talk about warehouse jobs in one of my articles…

So the question is what was I really doing?

Immediately I came to America, I noticed that Africans, especially Nigerians are so much in love with American used items, like phones, laptops and cars. You will all agree with me that there’s nothing wrong buying fairly used stuffs as even Americans patronize thrift stores on daily basis. Nigerians call it “Okrika”, meaning already used.

 Before I left Nigeria for America I had built trust and so selling stuffs online wasn’t really hard.

Now as an American you have access to so many resources to start your own business across any border and this is what I want you all to see.

This is how I was and still doing it… Those who need these items send me messages on daily basis especially cars so I source for the cars from individuals to auctions. To register here in the U.S to export cars is less than $200. Your auction license gives you the right to buy cars directly from any auction in the state you live in at a very considerable and fair rate.

The business here is that this vehicle might have an issue that when you want to fix in the U.S might be very expensive but will take few dollars to fix in Nigeria. So we prefer to buy, test, ship and fix in Nigeria. Fixing in Nigeria is going to save you a lot of costs. I mean over 200%.

So you are an American with good credit, get your business register and get export license. Travel to Nigeria and also register your business there which takes less than $600. No too many paper work and all that “get social stuffs”. It’s a very simple process…

 Take a loan from your bank and get a big space as a garage in Nigeria and fill it up with cars. Brands like Toyota, Mercedes sell more and faster. Remember I told you to fix in Nigeria to save over 200%.


Doing business in Nigeria as a foreigner is 100% safe as they even prefer to do business with foreigners than their own and the reason is simple; Nigerians love foreign goods. There’s a saying “China produce and Nigeria consumes”

By now you should have some good mechanics from Nigeria in your team. They are everywhere. An average Nigerian is 70% smart. I mean very smart. They learn pretty fast and always willing to help.

Cost of running business in Nigeria is a lot cheaper compare to America. $500 is a good salary for a month for your business manager over there and the renting system is far cheaper as a $2,000 can pay for your office space and the large garage for a whole year. This may sound funny but everything is cheap in Nigeria when you are coming in with hard currency like the dollar.

A dollar is 355 Naira. Naira is the Nigerian official currency. Meaning with a $1,000 you already have N355,000. That’s a lot of money.

So imagine you take a loan of $100,000 from your bank and go to the auction and get clean fairly used vehicles and send them to your garage in Nigeria with a very competitive price. I bet you will pay off that loan with over 35% profit in pocket less than one year, GUARANTEED!

Yes even with custom clearing you will still make so much profits compare to selling this cars in the States. Remember Nigeria don’t do down payment and installments. It is cash and carry which again make your business thrive better and no too many complains.

Did you say what about tax?

Nigeria has one of the lowest tax rates ever! Not everything is taxed in Nigeria and this is the reason multinational companies who know this take their companies to Nigeria and take advantage of it…

 I bet you didn’t know that Nigeria is very beautiful and peaceful too until you visit.

Nigeria is the world consuming market and this is why everything sell there… So I want you to think in this direction… Starting a cross border business that will give you the opportunity to travel and also explore the world. 

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