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How to Check if Your Site or Blog has Been Indexed by Google (Complete Guide)

January 5, 2020 | by Admin

How to Check if Your Site or Blog has Been Indexed by Google.

I know you have just started out blogging, I get it, and this things could sound like real big deal but they are not. Checking if your site or blog has been indexed is as simple as ABC. I will guide you through, but first: 

What is Search Engine Indexing?

Indexing is a process where search engine like Google servers crawls (navigates and pulls info) through your website or blog, pulls every page that it can find and stores or caches a list of keywords that are found on your site or blog in their database. These keywords are then used to find pages and contents on your site when a user perform web search next time. 

So basically Indexing helps your site or blog contents to be found on the web. Guess that’s simple enough.

In this post I will show you how to check if your site or blog has been indexed by Google.

First login to your Blogger and make sure you have permitted Google to list your blog on search engines. Once you login go to “settings” then “basic” and you will see “Listed on Blogger. Visible to search engines” Click edit. See screenshot below:

As you click on edit, the following dialog box pops open, and please choose yes and yes and hit the save button. See screen shot below: 

Now that is done. Basically it take Google within 24 hours after you have launched your blogger blog to be indexed. If after some days you still can’t find your Blog on Google search, Submit your XML Sitemap to Google Search Console. Again this is very easy.

How to Check if Your Site or Blog has Been Indexed?

Go to Google and on the search bar, type in site:yourdomain. For example here let me check if my domain has been indexed will type in Google search bar the following: See the result and screenshot below: 

Eureka! You can see that my blog is well indexed and Google has pulled my pages and contents in the search. Now you see that it was as simple as ABC to check if your blog or site has been indexed. 

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