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June 6, 2020 | by Admin

Google my business list is very important to your company, even if you have a website because it provides free optimization of the search engine (SEO). Each company must be optimized to show up on the search engine’s search results page. With Google listings, companies may use the site to exchange relevant information and forward their business to their clients. I’ll teach you in this blog post how to configure a Google My Business account.

Why should you complete your company file with Google my Business?

It’s wrong for your business to have an empty listing and you have to claim your business listing while it’s empty before someone else claims it, and this is part of the branding. With Google listing your business is 2.7x more likely to be considered reputable, it’s 70 percent more likely to attract location visits, it’s likely to lead to 50 percent conversion, and 7 times more clicks, you need to set up your Google listing now, if you don’t have it, let’s get through the way.

How to set up a Google My Business page in 5 minutes

  1. Visit the and click Start Now.
  2. Enter your business name and confirm it is correctly spelled, click Next.
  3. Enter  your business category, click Next,
  4. Click YES to the question “Do you have physical location customers can visit”?
  5. Enter the business information: Business Address (Country, Street address, Local Government Area, City, Postal code, State) and click Next. When the map appears, click Next. It already picked the location of your business based on the address entered, do not adjust the pin.
  6. Pick the best option to the question, “Do you serve outside this location”? Yes or No. If you select Yes, it will prompt you to enter the state, you can select more than one, just enter it one after the other.
  7. Enter the contact number for your business. At this stage, you either enter the URL of your website if you have any or select the third option “Get a free website based on your info” and click Next.
  8. Select Yes to stay in the know of updates from Google and click Yes.
  9. Click Finish to “Finish and manage this listing”.
  10. The next thing is to verify, at this stage choose to verify later, open a new tab and enter the URL (Verification is done by a Google personnel)
  11. On the form that will be displayed, enter the correct information requested, and make sure the phone number is always available, and expect their call.
Note: Once they call and confirm that the business can be verified, you are good to go, it will be verified. Yippee, you are free to manage your listing and drive traffic. It is also important that I let you know that some business category has the advantage of instant verification. Either way, once your listing is verified, you can start making the best off the free platform.
Was this guide useful to you, would you maximize the use of the platform? We would like to hear from you.


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