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How to Choose the Right Blog Title (Complete Guide)

January 6, 2020 | by Admin

How to Choose the Right Blog Title.

You are about to start your blogging journey and now you are worried about what title your blog should go with. Yeah I get it, but relax I’m here to help you with some ideas.

What’s a Blog title?

A blog title tells what questions you’re answering and information you’re providing. 

Yes a blog must provide answers to questions that so many people are asking across the web. 

So the question is What solution are you getting ready to provide?Think about that.

You saw that I purposely underline the word What, because if you can answer that What question? You can choose the right title. I always tell those I mentor to think on this.

How to Choose the Right Blog Title?

1. Let it reflect your niche. A niche is the field in blogging that you have chosen. Thus, if you choose to blog about entertainment, your blog title should reflect that. 

2. Let your title be catching, can be fun but shouldn’t be crazy

3. Set the right expectation. Your blog title should clearly define your blog name. Your blog title shouldn’t be about entertainment and after visiting your blog I’m seeing posts about “How to Loose Weight” Your blog name can be your name but like I said your title should help throw lights on it. for example my blog name is simply my name but my title help define my blog name: “Paul Omogie’s Blogging and Business Tips”. 

Thus, here even if you don’t know what means, my title says it all.

4. Keep it short, sweet and simple

5. Make it easy to remember

6. Learn from others. there’s nothing wrong checking the title of those in your niche. 

How to Check a Blog Title?

You can check any blog or website’s title by hovering your cursor around the browser as you visit the website or blog. Here I’m going to visit my blog and show you. See screenshot below:

How do You Add a Title to Your Blog?

To add or change Blogger title, login to Blogger and click on “settings” and then “Basic” 

See screenshot below:

Click Edit to change or add your title there. 

Now I can see you are ready to set your title right, so go for it and you’ve got this.

Was this helpful? Please hit the share button and feel free to ask me any question. I also recommend you read the following hot articles that others are reading: 

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