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Still Don’t Know What to Blog About?

February 13, 2020 | by Admin

Still Don’t Know What to Blog About.

Today I want to awaken your mind with some few tips. Tips that will get you really thinking.

Most of the times when I mentor some young bloggers I hear them say they really don’t know what to blog about. That always make me laugh. Fact is as far as there’s sun and the moon, there’s over a million stuffs to talk about. Look around you. I mean look at how vast the universe is. Look at the size of one country like America alone. Look at the multifaceted cultural revolution in the world today.

Just take a look at how the world has involved, how entertainment industry has grown. Look at how the internet and social media has made the world look smaller by the day and you say you still don’t know what to blog about?

Well don’t be worried let me give you something to go back and think about. But wait, why do we even have to blog ? 

The thing is blogging is like online newspaper and many are seeking for the information that you have. Statistics says that over a million people search for one particular information on daily basis.

Information is power and if you can provide it at the time it’s needed, you will become very relevant and powerful. 

Look at this memes I have put together to just spark your mind. Note that have not in anyway near exhausting this list, but just a tip of the iceberg. I didn’t even make mention of blogging about technology. Do you know that there are millions out there who don’t know how to reset their smartphones to factory settings? 😂Well that’s fact.

Still Don’t Know What to Blog About?

Tell me one person who doesn’t like food and I will point out a million who love food… Lolz

What happen to romance stories all over the world: Celebrity romances, engagements, marriages and divorces?

Think about it, just a smartphone with a sharp camera and you can be photo bombing our timeline with your presence as a “photoblogger”

Just what about ladies gossips. What about blogging about girl corner?

Like I said earlier there’s no way I was going to exhaust the list, as this was just to spark your mind to wake up and start thinking if you really want to blog there’s a billion stuffs out there to blog about. 

To kick start, I recommend you learn how to create your own blog Here in less than 10 Minutes. Once you are done with that, you can also read Here how to choose a great title. for your blog.

 And finally I will advise you take your time to go through this entire blog and feel free to enjoy all the resources I’ve put in place to help make this great journey of yours easy.

Was this little tips helpful? Please kindly share across all social media and also feel free to ask me any question in the comment section. Thank you


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