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How to Generate Massive Etherum with FORSAGE SMART CONTRACT

June 11, 2020 | by Admin

Forsage is a smart contract crypto earning program that works
at home at your own pace. There is no time limit, goals, or pressure with this
program. You may have heard or read about it recently.
It is based on the special features of Ethereum’s
cryptocurrency. It allows you to generate long-term residual income simply by
referring it to three other people and asking them to do the same as you.
We have to think differently about this new type of program.
Many of us online marketers often refer to chances of winning as programs, but
this is one thing: a Crypto/Ethereum program that cannot be changed because
everything is based on a smart contract.
A smart contract is an established blockchain technology
that refers to a kind of automated digital contract that is almost unbreakable
and immutable. One of the consequences of this is that this program will
continue to work automatically if Forsage closes its doors or website for any
reason. This means that no one can disrupt or impede the intended process by
malicious intent or incompetence.
For those of us who have been in MLM/Network Marketing for
years and have seen all of the related shortcomings, scams, and power outages,
such an unshakable opportunity is a breath of fresh air. This is huge and by no
means exaggerated.
Imagine you have to sell a house. It’s a fairly complicated
and daunting process that involves a lot of paperwork, communication with
different companies and people, and a high level of different risks. For this reason, the absolute majority of house sellers decide to find a real estate
agent who will take care of all the formalities, market the property and act as
an intermediary at the beginning of the negotiations and monitor the deal until
the end.
Also, the agency offers a custody service, which is
particularly useful in such transactions since the amounts are usually quite
large, and the person with whom they are being treated cannot be fully trusted.
After the successful business, however, the representatives of the seller and
the buyer share about seven percent of the sales price as a commission. This
means a fairly substantial financial loss for the seller.
In such situations, smart contracts could be really useful
and effectively revolutionize an entire industry while making the process much
less cumbersome. Perhaps most importantly, they would solve a trust problem.
Intelligent contracts work according to the “if-then” principle, i.e.,
homeownership is only transferred to the buyer when the agreed amount of money
is sent to the system.
They also act as custody services, i.e., money, and property
rights are stored in the system and distributed to the participating parties at
the same time. Also, the transaction is being watched and verified by hundreds
of people, ensuring flawless delivery. Since trust between the parties is no
longer an issue, no intermediary is required. All the functions that a real
estate agent performs can be preprogrammed into an intelligent contract, while sellers
and buyers save a lot of money at the same time.
BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK. It is not a platform for selfish and greedy people.
This platform was created to make many people around the
world financially optimistic within three months. Therefore, it is not a Ponzi
program or getting rich quickly as it is an investment, and all transactions
are done in your Ethereum wallet. Forsage Smart Contract has members from over
100 countries and thousands of members worldwide.
It is important to note that Forsage Smart Contract can only
be invested with a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, the second most profitable
cryptocurrency in the world. It ranks second after Bitcoin, the world’s most
profitable cryptocurrency.


You make money through this platform through 3 main ways:
1. Spillovers: In summary, this usually comes from your
upline or the person who registered when he has excess registrations. The
system rewards you for being a downline of a hardworking upline. If your upline
is lazy, it won’t come fast
2. Overflows: This usually comes from the Forsage Smart
Contract system. This pays you with or without referrals
3. Referrals: This involves registering people under you
with your affiliate link. The higher you grow, the more you make a crazy profit
because we have different levels, which range from level 1-12.


There are two major structures under the Forsage network,
           Forsage  X3
           Forsage  X4
The Forsage X3 runs on a 3 by 1 matrix while the x4 Forsage
runs on a 2 by 2 matrix.
Earnings on the x3 matrix are strictly through direct
referrals, while earnings in the x4 matrix occur either through direct
referrals, indirect referrals, spillovers, or overflows.
With Or Without
What this means is that ‘Members who get referrals will earn
on both the x3 and x4 Forsage, whereas members not having direct referrals can
only earn through x4 on Forsage’. 
Spillover: comes from your upline when he has an excess flow of
registration as well as overflows that generate from the system, it comes to
you as direct earning, which is a spillover from the top.
Overflows: is about your earning from the system as the system
increases in registration, which can come from the bottom of the top.


1. Download your preferred crypto wallet app on the playstore.
For Andriod users download TRUST CRYPTO WALLET using the
link below
For iPhone users download TOKEN POCKET WALLET using the link
2. Create your wallet (remember the 12 recovery phrase,
store it on your Gmail and write it down, once the recovery phrase is
misplaced, you can’t access the account again)
3. Fund wallet with 0.07 Etherum from the ADMIN
  • ·        
    Open your trust wallet
  • ·        
    You will see Dapps below but shows browser on
  • ·        
    Click on Dapps
  • ·        
    It will take you to a search column
  • ·        
    Copy and paste this link; in the

  • ·        
    Click on join now
  • ·        
    Click the green icon that says automatic

  • ·        
    Confirm Upline’s ID 206980
  • ·        
    Confirm payment.
  • ·        
    To access your dashboard, visit in the Dapps.


  • ·        
    It’s decentralized -no bosses
  • ·        
    It’s a smart contract
  • ·        
    No one can run

  • ·        
    Get paid instantly & direct to your private
  • ·        
    It’s controlled

  • ·        
    No admin fees & no renewals ever
  • ·        
    Low entry cost with low risk,


Q: How much is the
Ethereum required for registration?
A: It’s usually 0.06 – 0.07, which fluctuates depending on
the network fees and market price of Ethereum at the point of registration.
Q: After
registration, what will I do to earn?
A: Follow the strategies that will be given to you in the
team. You will be duly mentored and guided
Q: If I don’t have
referrals, Will I earn?
A: Absolutely, You will earn. But it won’t be much. It’s not
fixed or certain, and with time, it gets much bigger.
Q: How do I withdraw
my earnings and turn it to cash?
A: You can send to your Luno Ethereum address and convert to
cash through the guidance of any of the admin or you sell to a reliable vendor
or the admin and will send you to cash swiftly.
Q: What is the least
of the highest Ethereum, I can earn?
A: There is no minimum of the maximum amount you can earn on
Forsage Smart Contract.
You can earn as much as 10000 ETH. It all depends on your
diligence and hard work and your use of strategies to grow.
Q: Can I have more
than one accounts?
A: Yes, you can. Meet any of the Admins to guide you.
Q: Will it Crash?
A: Forsage Smart Contract Can never Crash. It’s built on the
Blockchain network, which is the safest and most secure crypto network in the
Q: Who owns Forsage?
A: Forsage isn’t owned by anybody. It is decentralized, and
as such, It is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum
security and sustainability. A smart contract is an automatic execution
algorithm. It exists within the Ethereum Blockchain, the number one
cryptographic currency among those with which smart contracts can be created.
 Q: What is the difference between Forsage and Ethereum?
A: Forsage is a platform you are investing in while Ethereum
is the cryptocurrency you’re investing with.
Q: Can I use any
other wallet apart from the Trust wallet, token pocket, and metamask?
A: No. These are the most compatible wallets for transacting
in the Forsage Smart

NOTE: This is not
a one-day business or a Ponzi scheme. So don’t take part and start looking for
profit right away. But I am sure that with the right attitude and the team like
mine, you will make as many Ethereum as possible in a month.
In short, once you’ve signed up, you’ll get advertising
strategies and ads to use on your social media pages. Send them to your
contacts, WhatsApp status, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Instagram,
telegram groups, Twitter.
Talk to everyone you see with smartphones near you, tell
people at work, tell people in your church, tell them in the market, tell your
colleagues at school, etc. Forsage is 100 % legit.


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