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Cryptocurrency – Reasons you Should Invest in Cryptocurrency

July 3, 2020 | by Admin

Reasons you Should Invest in Cryptocurrency
If a cryptocurrency has one thing to describe, it is that it
is volatile. As the currency block ‘s newest boy, there is simply no background
to decide what’s normal or not in its price plunges and market behavior. Yet
exactly what is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to function just
like real money, but it’s completely online without any physical form. It was
first implemented with the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. It is kept and
maintained by cryptography, serving as its measure of security. Cryptocurrency
developed an increasingly huge following over the years, but when it peaked at
over $266 / coin, it wasn’t until April 2013 that it attracted major investor
and media attention.
Cryptocurrency, however, is without its infamy. It is highly
volatile and unpredictable.
How exactly would you invest in cryptocurrencies, with all the
unpredictability going around? Why trust a market where you can’t figure out
what the risks are and when the next price dip will happen?
Most people think they ‘re too late to invest in crypto, and
the money’s all already been made. We couldn’t be more mistaken though. The
cryptocurrency market is as competitive as ever, which is why so many youths are
investing in that market. There is a lot of money to be made with the
technologies of cryptocurrency and blockchain, so long as the investment is
done correctly.
While you should know several things about crypto before
investing, it shouldn’t stop you from investing at all. 
There are definitely a
lot of reasons why you should invest in crypto right now! Let’s check 5
1. Blockchain remains here.
If the fact that blockchain is here to stay is not clear to
you by now, then maybe investing in crypto isn’t for you. Many of the projects
we see today will disappear — as they don’t offer a working product, or they
offer a working product that doesn’t have an application in real life. However,
there are many existing blockchain projects that are very much here to stay
Financial institutions get interested as well — which is
good news! Blockchain technology has so many real-world applications where it
could be extremely beneficial; however, it is important to remember that not
all projects will be popular because we are at the very beginning of the blockchain
being recognized as a useful technology.
2. With any investment, it is necessary to buy low and sell
While buying low and selling high sounds obvious, many
people let their emotions get in the way when investing in crypto. For those
who entered the market at the end of 2017 in the “Crypto Rush,” this
simple piece of reasoning is still difficult for them to consider. The prices
have fallen and risen, though, so it would be much easier to invest now than it
was back then.
That’s still a chance, of course, but much less of one. The
prices that drop even more, but they won’t drop by the same amount they already
have during the year — at least not the serious ventures. Take a tip from the
Wall Street boys, they ‘re not making money from buying high and selling low!
3. Crypto ‘s bright future: As you need to keep focused on the
long-term sustainability of any investments. When you are obsessed with
short-term microanalysis, you will fear that you made the wrong investment
decision for any price change. This could lead you to sell panic at a lower
price than you bought it because, in fact, holding up until the price recovered,
and then moving even higher, would be the more sensible move. The crypto market is unpredictable, and price fluctuations Can occur, some of them more concern
than others.
Bitcoin ‘s recent plunge toward the $6,000 mark has left
even the toughest investors a little hot under the neck, but two weeks later
it’s bounced up to over $9,000 a coin with expectations of more price spikes in
the coming weeks. Over the medium to longer-term, you should always look at
crypto-investment, so 1, 5 and 10 years, as that is where the real gains are
likely to be made.
4. The exchanges are more stable.
Crypto-currency exchanges have in the past had their issues.
Those who remember the incident at Mt. Gox, one of history’s worst
crypto-currency scams, know exactly how bad it was. Mt. Gox was a Japanese exchange that handled about 70% of all BTC transactions when it was hacked —
around 6% of the Bitcoins in circulation were stolen in 2014 and had a value of
about $350 million.
Most people thought that would be the end of cryptography.
Of course, it was not. We have a variety of exchanges these days, and we have an
ever-increasing number of decentralized exchanges that can’t be hacked. Hacks
have been as recent as this year; however, the extreme exchanges have still
reimbursed victims financially.
5. Low Risk of Inflation
Their Governments control conventional world currencies. As
such, the currency suffers heavily when a particular government messes up with
its policies or faces an economic crisis. This could lead to a significant
value fluctuation and the need to print more money. Cryptocurrency doesn’t face
this issue.
Crypto-currency is a currency worldwide. Some of its
investors believe it has a lower chance of dropping relative to conventional
currencies. On top of that, it’s not reliant on government policy so it’s
vulnerable to both hyperinflation and a total currency collapse.
Whether you’re a millionaire or only have enough money to
spend, now it’s a smart idea to invest in cryptography.
This has the same feeling after the bubble exploded as the
dot-com buzz did. There is a lot of uncertainty, people are nervous and the
economy seems to be somewhat stagnating. Remember what happened after the
dot-com bubble exploded at the companies that were around this time? Just think
of Google, Amazon, and Yahoo in case you don’t remember.
If you can afford to invest in crypto now, because
blockchain could be the technology that will change the way we look at the


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