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December 20, 2021 | by Admin


The sole aim of a private business is not just to make a profit but to maximize it. Any business that is not making profits is already bound to collapse, this is because the profit is the engine oil of every business. Every business indeed has a period they might stay after start-up to be expected to start yielding profit but if such business exceeds this time and even stay more years before profits start coming, then there is a huge problem.

Profit maximization is very important because it helps in business expansion, personnel management, and social responsibility.

If your business is not making profits, it is time to evaluate your business and know whether to continue or stop. The following reasons are why your businesses are not making a profit or making little profit.

Reasons why your business is not making a profit

  • Expenses above Income

Anytime you start making more expenses than you get daily from your business, your business will not only never make a profit but will eventually collapse. If your business’s expenses are concurrently above your income, you may be making a profit but you won’t know and it would never reflect in your business instead your business would keep going down every day. If you want your business to make visible profits that you can see and use to boost your business, try to curtail your expenses, track your income level, and manage your debts.

  • No Business Goal

This is one of the reasons some businesses don’t make a profit or make little that can boost their business. How does one even start a business without a business goal? What are you pursuing? What’s your annual income goal? What’s your monthly income goal? If you don’t set your goals right, the truth is you may never be able to keep making a profit in the long run.

  • You must Set a Price for Profit especially in a Free Market Economy

Every business that wants to make a profit and continue making a profit must be able to price for profit. What does this mean? Review your prices periodically, this will help you to be able to set the right price for your products considering the economic situation of your business terrain. Your business must not keep selling at an old price when the cost of production has increased in recent times. This is why there must be constant cost and price reviews.

Summarily other factors make businesses not to be making a profit, they include but are not limited to low demand, bad products, no customer service orientation to workers etc. Every entrepreneur or business owner must try to discover what is peculiar to their industry and capitalize on that to make good profits from their products.


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