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Facebook Ads: A great way to promote business

October 6, 2019 | by Admin

Social Media is being very popular these days due to
its non-ending and unique features. The biggest platform that is being used in
all over the world is “Facebook”. Facebook provides so many features and
facilities that one can think. You can easily make friends, communicate with
anyone in the world and know the lifestyle of people.

You can share or upload your pictures and videos to
show to friends your lifestyle. You can watch informative videos and documentaries.
If you are sitting in your free time, you can play online games with your
facebook friends.

So, I have told some basics of facebook for those
who are not familiar with it. Now I will tell you the bigger features of
facebook and these features are specially for you (who want to start their
online business).

First Feature is “Facebook Page”. You can create a
page of your business or shop and upload the products images and videos on it.
Now when the uploading and publishing are done, the next step is to promote
these products. Facebook provide you a facility to promote your page or posts.
First method to gain more reach to your post is
sharing that post in different related groups. This is called manual promotion.

 The second method is automatic and paid promotion. Yes! All you need to have a
credit or debit card. You can promote your product with a small amount of money
to thousands of people in your desired places and locations. You can also set
the audience of related interests. This method can really help you in your

Now run the business with the help of Technology.
Now I tell you that how can you use facebook as your marketing companion. First
you have to make a profile on facebook. Then you have to create a facebook
page. Then after uploading and publishing the content, there is an option below
every post to boost.

Click on the “Boost” button and fill your desired
data i.e. Audience, location, interests and add payment option and pay through
your card. Here you go.. Your ad will be running and you will see the results
on your Facebook’s Ad Manager.

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