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How to start up an ECommerce Business?

October 7, 2019 | by Admin

Business and trade are the backbone of the economy of the world. As there are so many methods of business. If you are a busy person i.e. student or job holder, you are still able to start up a business. A business doesn’t require a shop or a store. This can be started from anywhere and anytime. As in the modern scenario, you have technology, you have resources, you have all information of market in your finger tips. Having these all information, you cannot make any excuse to start the business.

If you are passionate about the business and you want to increase your income and if you are self motivated then you are suitable to start a side business.

Now what things you need to start a part time business.

1. Internet connection
2. PC/laptop/mobile
3. Some stock of your desired products

Now visit some wholesale markets and collect information of rates and quantities of the products that you want to sell. For example if you are interested in selling mobile phone accessories
then go to the famous wholesale market of accessories and gather the information.

In the beginning, you don’t need too much products. In the above example you are recommended to buy 10 products of each category. For example, ten hand-free, ten chargers, ten power banks etc.

After buying these products, you must take pictures of these products in the white backgrounds.

After taking the pictures, you are required to have an online platform to sell your products. For the online platform, you can use social media, Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp etc. Along that if you have the knowledge of website handling, you can design a beautiful website and place the pictures of those products into that website and start selling.

After making the setup and interface, the next task is Marketing or Advertisement. For this purpose you can use Facebook boosting, Twitter ads, Instagram promotion, Email marketing or sms marketing. Tell your friends, relatives and colleagues about your online business.

After getting order, pick up the product and pack it in beautiful and safe way and take it to post office or courier service and send it to the customer.

Keep the payment option more accurate. If you have bank account then that is more correct. Otherwise put an option of cash on delivery and you will get your payment through courier company.

In the starting you will face difficulty but once your business run, you will earn fame and money as well.

So, be motivated and never lose heart..


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