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How to Embed an Instagram Post on Blogger in Two Minutes (Step by Step)

January 3, 2020 | by Admin

How to Embed an Instagram Post on Blogger.

First to embed simply means to add or attach so don’t let that word get you confused. Thus, in this article I will show you how can can quickly embed an Instagram photo or video to your blogger blog post.

How to embed an Instagram Photo on Blogger?

First visit Instagram from the web and login. Then scroll to the photo you wish to embed on blogger and click on those three short lines on top of the photo post, and you will see embed. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Click on embed and Instagram will give you the option to copy with the caption or you can choose to remove the caption by deselecting that box I circled. See Screenshot below:

Once you are done copying, go to the blogger post you wish to embed the Instagram photo and click on HTML and post the codes where you will like to embed the Instagram photo. You can then go back to compose mode to see what you have done. Yes you did it!. Click on preview to see how it look like and then if it’s OK, you can then go ahead and publish it. See screenshot below:

This is what an embed Instagram photo on blogger post looks like below. You can see that it literally brings my Instagram live feeds on this blog post. The fun is that whatever happen on the Instagram post will reflect here:

How to embed an Instagram Video on Blogger?

The process is same. Just that one is a photo post, while the other is a video post.

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