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June 18, 2021 | by Admin

 Training is a very important aspect of human resource development which a company must take proper notice of if there must be a multiplied productivity from the workers.  Training is the process of acquiring skills, concepts, and knowledge that help the workers in achieving organizational goals. Any company that wants to continuously reach its goals and even exceed it must take staff training very seriously. Training helps to increase employee commitment to the organization, increases productivity, helps in the reduction of labor turn-over rate, increases workers morale, reduces the rate of casual work, lies and prepares the workers for promotion and higher tasks.

As much as training is Important if the organization must achieve its set goals, however not all training is effective. An organization must not just train but carry out effective training. The question is what is effective training? Effective training simply means carrying out training that can achieve the reasons for conducting the training. It is training that ensures that workers get their value intended to be passed to them. Below we are going to look at conditions for effective training.

Conditions for effective training

If training must be effective, then the following conditions must be in place.

  • The right training tools must be used including training specialists.

  • Workers must be motivated to learn.

  • The right techniques for training must be adopted in some cases, it should be peculiar to individual traits.

  • There should be workers’ guidance and expected feedback to know if the training is effective or not.

Steps involved in Training

  • state the purpose of training.

  • Train by showing examples

  • Review instructions

  • Allow the learner to do the work you have shown example already, correct where there are mistakes until work is done perfectly.

Training is so important in any organization and must be taken seriously if the organization must continually reach its set goals. I hereby wrote this article to enable companies to know the importance of training and how to carry out effective training.


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